Published on01/04/2018 6:11 am

Have you ever wondered that mosquitoes are more attracted towards you than other people around you? We’re also usually asked why mosquitoes favor some human over others. As per our knowledge, it all depends on how you smell. Mosquitoes feature very sharp receptors in their heads that can spot human fragrance from nearly 100ft away. Smells are in fact the main indicators mosquitoes employ to recognize their prey. Before you buy your first mosquito trap online, let’s talk about the top 5 human smells that allure mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide: Do you know mosquitoes are enticed to the carbon dioxide you exhale. There’re several sources of CO2 found in nature, so it is not only the carbon dioxide that appeals mosquitoes. Whenever we exhale, we discharge chemicals such as uric acid, lactic acid and octanol that combine with CO2 to produce our own carbon dioxide. This mixture of smells is that notifies mosquitoes that there’s a human prey close by. The more CO2 you release, the easier you’re to

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Won’t it be more pleasant to have your outdoor activity by the pool or in the backyard without getting the mosquito bites?  You can save yourself from the annoying mosquitoes and enjoy your outdoor session with Biogents Mosquitaire. It is rated to be the most effective mosquito magnet on offer for trapping every species of mosquito in every area of the world.  Engineered in Germany this CO2 mosquito trap is now available for use in the global market, but earlier this Biogents mosquito magnet was limited only to scholars, researchers and government agencies trying to catch and control mosquitoes.  After putting to use for more than 16 years Biogents advanced mosquito enticing and trapping technology has been widely used in the world to control all possible breeds of mosquito effectively.  In North America the Tiger mosquito and the Culex mosquito and are two of the most deadly species known for causing the Dengue Fever and West Nile disease. The notorious Zika virus has recently

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Do you have a house nearer to a pond, lake or a stream? Breeding of mosquitoes seems to happen every year. Whenever you outside of your house, you love to breathe in fresh air, spend quality time with family and enjoy moving around the green grass. But when the mosquito emerges in huge number, you and your family need to come inside otherwise you will have to deal with painful mosquito bites.

How Do You Prevent Mosquitoes –

The real fact is that mosquitoes show up overnight. Hibernating them simply wake up once the weather turns warm and suddenly invades. As a result, you will get more mosquitoes and will put yourself at risk for annoying bites or even a mosquito-bite disease.

To get rid of this problem, you need to take a few steps to prevent the pests and help yourself enjoy insect-free days. First of all, you should know what attracts more to them. However, there are two things that attract these insects – water and blood. They lay their eggs in water and need a little bit of it to

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Published on05/06/2017 7:49 am

Do you run inside at dusk to avoid mosquito swarms? Or are you awake at night by high pitched whining in your ears? No matter what, mosquitoes are really annoying insects. If you want to deal with mosquitoes successfully, it’s necessary to know about mosquitoes better – which will allow you to reclaim your outdoor areas and make indoors a mosquito-free zone by choosing a useful aide to control mosquito – mosquito trap.

Why are Mosquitoes Dangerous –

Though summer is knocking at the door, the conditions are perfect for the mosquito population explosion. Though for many homeowners, mosquitoes are just annoying, they also carry a number of viruses that can cause severe diseases and even death in humans – for instance, Zika Virus.

What Happens when a Mosquito Bites –

Usually, female mosquitoes bite and suck blood as the blood offers necessary nutrients for their eggs. When a mosquito lands on a human body, it punctures the skin with tow tubes – one draws blood and the other injects an enzyme

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