Published on 05/29/2017 11:50 am
Know How To Place Your Mosquito Magnet For The Most Desired Result

Nothing beats those annoying mosquitoes at night particularly when you are enjoying that late night dinner at your backyard. Seriously, the biting of these pests not just cause various skin issues but also diverse health hazards guiding to severe ailments. Luckily, with today’s advancement in technology, you can get rid of these issues rather effectively. One best solution that technology has offered us today is the Mosquito magnet or tarps that can be used almost anywhere you want.

However, proper positioning of your Mosquito trap is essential to its effectiveness. If positioned appropriately the mosquitoes will be enticed towards the trap instead of you. Here are few tips on how you should place your mosquito trap for the most desired result.

Make sure where those pesky little pests are breeding: The trap should be positioned between the breeding locations (bushes, standing water, etc.) and the people areas (deck, patio) to detain the mosquitoes directly from their origin, prior to they get over you.

Don’t place the trap close to the people area: Put the mosquito magnet as near to the breeding site & as far away from the activity as probable. Thirty to 40ft distance will be adequate. These stinging pests need to be attracted towards the magnet and not towards you.

Position the magnet upwind from the breeding site: While searching for a blood meal, mosquitoes fly upwind. After a mosquito (female) sting a human, its weight will be doubled; the insect will fly back downwind to its resting area.

Don’t place your trap in plants or tall grass, place it an open area rather: CO2 is denser than air, thus it remains close to the ground. The insects will chase the CO2 plume to the magnet. However, if you place it in tall grass or plant the stream of the plume will be hindered & the mosquitoes won’t discover it and they will find and bite you rather.

Put the magnet in the shade: Mosquitoes can’t tolerate the direct heat of the sun. As the sun sets, these insects tend to get out of their nests.

Tiger mosquito prevention can also be done.. What influence Mosquito is the  species , the flodding situation, distance  and with Mosquitaire Installation it is possible to trap Tiger mosquitos too.

To garner more ideas regarding how to set up your mosquito trap get in touch with Mosquitaire – the leading supplier of world’s most effective mosquito trap. So, feel free to place your order now!

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