Published on 05/06/2017 7:49 am

Do you run inside at dusk to avoid mosquito swarms? Or are you awake at night by high pitched whining in your ears? No matter what, mosquitoes are really annoying insects. If you want to deal with mosquitoes successfully, it’s necessary to know about mosquitoes better – which will allow you to reclaim your outdoor areas and make indoors a mosquito-free zone by choosing a useful aide to control mosquito – mosquito trap.

Why are Mosquitoes Dangerous –

Though summer is knocking at the door, the conditions are perfect for the mosquito population explosion. Though for many homeowners, mosquitoes are just annoying, they also carry a number of viruses that can cause severe diseases and even death in humans – for instance, Zika Virus.

What Happens when a Mosquito Bites –

Usually, female mosquitoes bite and suck blood as the blood offers necessary nutrients for their eggs. When a mosquito lands on a human body, it punctures the skin with tow tubes – one draws blood and the other injects an enzyme

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