Published on 10/27/2017 8:21 am
Biogents Mosquitaire:The Most Effective Mosquito Magnet with Enticers

Won’t it be more pleasant to have your outdoor activity by the pool or in the backyard without getting the mosquito bites?  You can save yourself from the annoying mosquitoes and enjoy your outdoor session with Biogents Mosquitaire. It is rated to be the most effective mosquito magnet on offer for trapping every species of mosquito in every area of the world.  Engineered in Germany this CO2 mosquito trap is now available for use in the global market, but earlier this Biogents mosquito magnet was limited only to scholars, researchers and government agencies trying to catch and control mosquitoes.  After putting to use for more than 16 years Biogents advanced mosquito enticing and trapping technology has been widely used in the world to control all possible breeds of mosquito effectively.  In North America the Tiger mosquito and the Culex mosquito and are two of the most deadly species known for causing the Dengue Fever and West Nile disease. The notorious Zika virus has recently created an alarming situation in the Caribbean region and southern America.  The international patented Biogents mosquito magnet with enticers has been attracting and capturing tiger mosquitoes in the most effective manner.   This mosquito trap has enticing scents to lure mosquitoes mimicking the body odor of the human as well as CO2 plumes to create visual signs for attracting these pests.

Biogents Mosquito Magnet - How Does it Function

The Biogents mosquito trap uses CO2 and enticing scents in a combination to fast attract the mosquitoes to the close vicinity of the system.  Once it traps the pests and closes, the mosquitoes get drawn into a net with the high powered current.  The high level of suction works in such a way that the CO2 and enticer without any feel of suction create a cloud over the trap system.

Biogents mosquito magnet has undergone many scientific tests and come out to be the best when compared to coil repellants, body skin replants and many other products presently available in the market.  Unlike normal traps, Biogents mosquito magnet never uses propane as a source of CO2.  Rather, it gets fitted with CO2 beverage tanks that are inexpensive and easily available in any local supply store.  The absence of propane makes this trap system fully safe to be used in any indoor area. There is absolutely no tension of fire break out and toxic emission related to propane.

Top Advantages of Using Biogents-Mosquitaire Mosquito Magnet:

  • Imitates the convection current of human skin to attract mosquitoes
  • Creates enticing visual signals
  • Discharges false skin emanations from human body and spreads them through a wide area
  • Disrupts the mosquito breeding pattern completely and removes them from the area calmly.
  • A safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly trap to be used both inside and outside for effective results.  

All the users of Biogents Mosquitaire are likely to receive manual describing about the most perfect locations for placing this mosquito magnet as well as easy to follow instructions for its step-wise assembly. There is every reason to go with the Mosquitaire mosquito magnet because those prickly marks on their bodies and the irritating sounds will never be there to worry people anymore. So they should consider to order and use it from now on wards!

For an effective mosquito catch and control solution, it’s better to add Biogents Mosquitaire to your arsenal list. It comes with enticers to attract and trap almost every species of mosquito ranging from dengue mosquito and the Asian tiger mosquito to the Southern house mosquito.

To quickly access and order Biogents mosquito magnet, visit Mosquitaire - the reliable dealer of fully safe mosquito trapping system all over the world. Contact us at 204-977-1674 to know about its features and pricing!

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