Published on 01/04/2018 6:11 am
How Are Mosquitoes More Attracted Towards 5 Types Of Human Scents?

Have you ever wondered that mosquitoes are more attracted towards you than other people around you? We’re also usually asked why mosquitoes favor some human over others. As per our knowledge, it all depends on how you smell. Mosquitoes feature very sharp receptors in their heads that can spot human fragrance from nearly 100ft away. Smells are in fact the main indicators mosquitoes employ to recognize their prey. Before you buy your first mosquito trap online, let’s talk about the top 5 human smells that allure mosquitoes.

Carbon Dioxide: Do you know mosquitoes are enticed to the carbon dioxide you exhale. There’re several sources of CO2 found in nature, so it is not only the carbon dioxide that appeals mosquitoes. Whenever we exhale, we discharge chemicals such as uric acid, lactic acid and octanol that combine with CO2 to produce our own carbon dioxide. This mixture of smells is that notifies mosquitoes that there’s a human prey close by. The more CO2 you release, the easier you’re to detect. Pregnant ladies are more attractive to mosquitoes as they tend to exhale above average during pregnancy.

Body Smell: Do you know your sweat is what attracts mosquitoes towards you the most? There are certain bacteria in human sweat that make them more attractive for mosquitoes, especially malaria-carrying Anopheles mosquito, which like to bite a human. Be careful about using perfumes to get rid of sweat smell, because some ready-made scents are known to attract mosquitoes more.

Secretions: Nearly 80 percent of humans emit compounds identified as saccharides & antigens via their skin. And mosquitoes are known to be amagnet for secretors. Your categorization as a secretor is decided by your biology & there is not anything one can do to put himself in the non-secretor group.

Blood Group: Relying on the blood group you’ve, you emit different smells. Studies have revealed that mosquitoes are most allured to type O blood & least enticed to type A. Unfortunately, you can’t change your blood group.

Lactic Acid: When you’re active or eating particular foods lactic acid is released via your skin. Mosquitoes are more enticed to a human with lactic acid on their skin.

So you see, the smell is the main pointer for mosquitoes that a human prey is within reach. There’re also other pointers such as moisture, body heat, color and movement that appeal mosquitoes’ highly familiar receptors.

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